//Factor analysis command
//This command outputs factor score.

//Syntax no options.
prin [variables];

//Syntax used options
prin [variables]/

input:corr     //calculate principal from correlation data.
input:cov      //calculate principal from covariance data.
input:direct   //calculate principal from original data(default).
rotate:varimax //rotate matrix by Varimax

//Example 1
//Read data that is subject points of member.
get factor1R.csv@;

//Calculate correlation within subjects. corr math science language english society;

//Get correlation. get freq@ana; //Execute factor analysis by 3 factors which is specified by option count. factor math science language english society/ input:corr count:3 rotate:varimax ;

//Get factor from outputs. get freq@ana; //Calcurate mix-value which are multed by load and factor. mx0 = fload_0 * factor_0; mx1 = fload_1 * factor_1; mx2 = fload_2 * factor_2; select mx0 mx1 mx2; put factor;

//Score is calcureted by point*load*factor. so score is calcurated by point*mix_value. //Calculate score by mult matrix command. so that is factor1R.csv * facotr. get factor1R.csv@; mxmult math science language english society by factor;

//Add subject point and name to score list. merge factor1R.csv by #;

//Plot scat for 3D factor of ecach memeber. //Because third factor is too few, plot first mix-value and second mix-value. plot scat mx0 mx1 mx2 by roman;

Third mix-value is too few. Plot 2D which means that mx0 is Humanities and mx1 is Science oriented.