//Nomal test command
//This command is used to test fitting to nomal distribution

//Syntax without option
test normal [variables];

//Syntax with option
test nomal [variables]/

input=ssss          //ssss is input data type.  ssss:real real data  ssss:hist  histgramdata.
plevel=.xx          //0.0 < .xx < 1.0  .xx is level of significance. (default=0.01)  
rank=nn             //nn is num of rank which is used in real data mode.

//When option is input=hist, variables are consited of rank colomn and freq colomn.

//Example 1 generate standard normal distribution and normal test.
//Generate standard normal random 100 recoard.
for(i=1;i<=100;i++) {

//View histgram
plot hist rnd;

//Execute normal test for 100 record which are standard normal distiribution. test normal rnd;

// //Eample 2 normal test for propertis of banker // //read bankers data. get bank.csv@; //Vies historgram of properties. plot hist salnow age work time;

//Execute normal test for properties. test normal salnow age work time;

// //Example 3 Normal test for data which is inported directory as histgram. // //Hand set histgram. hand rank freq/ 35 0 40 4 45 19 50 86 55 177 60 105 65 33 70 2 75 0 ; //View data by bar graph. attr name type/ rank:code ; plot bar freq by rank;

//Execute normal test for inputed histgram with input opion . test nomal rank freq/ input:hist ;