//summary command
//This command is calculation summary or average by each category
//If explanation variable is numeric,variable is categorized automatically.

//Syntax without explanation variable
sumup [targets];

//Syntax with explanation variable
sumup [target] by [explanation];

//Syntax used options
sumup [target] by [explanation]/

[variable]:code              //when variable type is numeric code,you have to define code.
[variable]:continuous        //when numeric type, you donnot need to define explicitly.
[variable]:moji              //when character type, you donnot need to define explicitly.
[variable]:zero              //if define zero,summary at zero value category.
[variable]:format=[filename] //if you define format file,you can categorize by format.
method=sum                   //calculate summary by category(default)
method=average               //calculate mean by category

//Eample1 without option
//Read bond option data which has amount and return value on expire data.
get bond.csv@;

//Summary amount by return rate whose type is number. //return rate is categorized automatically. sumup amount by rtnrate;

get freq@ana; //Since category name is too long, cut category name for plot label. label=strsel(rtnrate,1,3); //Plot amount by return rate label. plot bar amount by label;

//Example 2 Comparison iris species by their property. //Read iris data. get irisR.csv@;

//Get average by Species. sumup SepalL SepalW PetalL PetalW by Species/ method:average ;

//Plot property of iris by species. get freq@ana; plot bar SepalL SepalW PetalL PetalW by Species;

//Example 3 with 2 explanation variable //Read 22157 record of risk data which are discriminated by default flag and custom segment. get free.csv@;

//Convert def and segNo type as code to summary division. attr name type/ def:code segNo:code ;

//Execute mean of risk by each segNo. sumup risk by def segNo/ method:average ;

//Divide data by def value. get freq@ana; if(def == "0") { outrec def0; } else { outrec def1; } //Rename risk name to risk0. get def0; rename risk=risk0;

//Merge def0 and def1 by segNo. and rename risk to risk1. merge def1 by segNo; rename risk=risk1;

//Plot risk by def and segNo. plot bar risk1 risk0 by segNo;

risk is different with default flag.