//Project command
//This command is used to define library to manage files within same job. 

prj [prjname] [pathname];

//There are four library type to specify filename 'xxx' as follows.
//(1)appointed library    ex.  xxx@yyy;
//(2)standard library     ex.  xxx@
//(3)analysis library     ex.  xxx@ana
//(4)work library         ex.  xxx

//Genreraly you have to appoint library name as follows.
   prj tst "c:\temp";
   get kai@tst;
//If you read from standard library,you need not to define library as follow.
   get bank@;
//Path name of standard library is defined by environment variable 'CALC_DEF'.

//If you read from analyzed output,you have to define 'ana' as follows.
   get freq@ana;
   get score@ana;
//Contents of output are depended on analysis command.

//If you read from work library,you appoint filename only as follow.
   get data;
//directory of work library is defined by environment variable 'CALC_TMP'. 

//Example 1
//Define data by hand and output to CSV file in 'tst' libraly.

We confirm that c:\temp folder is empty.

//Make 'tst' prject folder by prj command. prj tst "c:\temp";

Prj command makes log message as above.

//Generate intensive data for chai squre test. hand c1 - 4 stat/ 21 32 31 28 good 10 21 18 25 even 7 13 12 22 bad ;

//Make file in 'tst' project folder. put kai@tst;

We can confirm existance of kai.csv file in 'c:\temp' folder

//Test chai square chisqt c1 - 4; //(caution) //Argument c1 - 4 is expressed the abbreviation of c1 c2 c3 c4.

To inspect contents of prj holder,push view prject bottumn.

Select prject list.

select files list in the project folder.

View contents of file