//Collaborative Filtering analysis command
//Cmmand name is grouplens which infer unkown score by correlation.  
//This command needs data which is consited of 3 colomns as user item score.

grouplens score by user item;

method=sum  //score is used by sum of score;
method=ave  //(defalut) score is used by score average.
method=no   //score is used count.
method=bool //score is used exist or no exist.

//Read score reference table which is consist of user and item.
//But this table includes unkown score (?).
//This command infers unkown score by collaborative filter.
get grpout.csv@

// //Make score list by user and item widhout unkown score. // vector item[6]; for(i=1;i<=6;i++) { if(item[i] == ?) { } else { items=i; score=item[i]; outrec; } } select user items score;

// //Unkown score is infered by this command as score_calc. // grouplens score by user items;

// //At last make score reference table from output. // get freq@ana; table score_calc by items user;